>Our current brief is based around the medical history of Dundee, scientific pioneers and all things medical.  After a quite intense look into the history of the Dundee Royal Infirmary and Lochee Hospital (which I’d never heard of in my whole life of living in Dundee – interesting to research!) I’ve settled on an other idea.  It revolves around cells and the beautiful natural patterns within.  Here are a few drawings from today and hopefully they will be part of a much more grand and ambitious idea.


>I’m planning on entering the children’s book I created and illustrated last semester into the Pan Macmillan book prize.  It will need a lot more work until I’m happy with it though, here is a recent sketch update of the first spread of the book.

You can find out more about the competition here.

>I’ve been eyeing up lithography for over a year now and I finally got the chance last week to have a go.  The end result is messy but interesing and it’s definately something I want to try again.

Close up of the tattooed arms.

 I also had a go in printing in red because I couldn’t resist it.

>Last week we were finally able to screen print the colaborative books that were due to be printed before Christmas.  It took a while to get into the swing of registering each image correctly but the results were so satisfying.  In the the time we had to print the book, Emily (http://emilymaeart.tumblr.com) and myself managed to complete (on schedule!) the entire book and a front cover.

Prints drying on the rack.
 This is the first page of the book
Slightly off 
And perfect!

>I’ve fallen in love with the camera my friend got for christmas.  I think it’s time to start saving.

Here are some drawings done for an editorial brief I’ve been working on (along with sorting my portfolio for assessment, eek!).

& the final outcome…

Here is one of the screen prints I am selling at Petite Noël next week.  Apologies for the yellow lighting but hopefully that won’t put you off coming down and having a look around!

Petite Noël is Dundee Jamboree’s winter craft event taking place on the 15th December at Dundee West Church Hall.