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>Here is my piece which is currently on display in the Bradshaw Art Space in Duncan of Jordanstone.

This is the work I have spent the majority of my time on in the last few weeks and I am chuffed with the results.  The small book accompanying the lithography print is a catalogue of hand drawn cells and the colour on the print has been hand cut and applied.  The exhibition is running until the 19th March so you still have time to go down and have a look around.

A limited edition of 6 (only 4 left) and I’m selling these prints for £70 each.  Get in contact here or at if you would like one.

Is proving more difficult than I first thought. To get myself out of my head for a while, I’ve started to sketch out my character and some scenes for my book, which I will hopefully be entering into the Macmillan Book Prize next year.

Recently I’ve been trying to paint the universe/stars/space with results of varying levels of success.  This is one of my favourites I’ve done so far, but sadly it cannot be sketchbooked as it is a birthday card for my wonderful mum!

I’ve been in the print studio over the last few days!

Here is one of my prints, with watercolour and ink added afterwards.  I’ve done a range of colours and hopefully my summer project final outcomes will be something similar, although printing these was just for funsies.

Loosely based around my work for the Show You’re Working show in April.  Continuing with the theme of memories and how trees contain them, this was just something I was working on to try and show how the rings of a tree trunk contain indicators to something that’s happened at a certain time.  Could use a lot more work but these were just for fun.

The gold section is my favourite.