Yesterday I saw both The Illusionist and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World at the cinema.  This is just a little post to recommend both films to anybody who’ll listen.

The Illusionist was a fantasticly beautiful film and it was nice recognising places around Edinburgh, which had been wonderfully illustrated.  It wasn’t exactly what I expected from the writer of the charming Belleville Rendez-Vous but it was lovely none the less.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was such a massive contrast to The Illustionist.  It was loud, colourful and I left the cinema with a massive smile on my face.  Also I am in love with Ramona Flowers, or at least her hair.  I overheard some girl in the cinema say that she fell asleep but even if you didn’t ‘get’ the film (and I can see how some people wouldn’t) I’d say it’d be impossible to fall asleep to something as full on as this.