I had my very first go at photo etching today and decided to take my camera along to record some of the processes and how the plate changes over time.  However, I am afraid to say that what I’m etching is being kept top secret at the moment in fear of prying eyes. But when the time is right I’ll upload images of my final outcome, which should hopefully be wonderful!

I had been told by many other people that the process of etching takes a lot of patience and waiting around, neither of which are my best past times, so I was expecting the day to be long.  However, it’s also very exciting and I really enjoyed watching and learning about what the various chemicals do.

Everything ran fairly smoothly and we even managed to churn out a few prints with the hand press.  Can’t wait until I go back for part two next Monday, I had more fun than I thought I would!

Here are some photos that don’t give away what my plate looks like.

My plate is somewhere in the icy depths of this chemical that looked suspiciously like Blue WKD.
The erosion of the zinc on my plate after 20 minutes.
Steph Drake with her hands in the chemicals.
Daniel Tyminski‘s image after the erosion but before the photographic film has been removed.